Come Join Us

At J & A, we’re nothing without our people. That’s why we strive to create an environment where team members look forward to going to work each day, and building (or launching) a career in our organization.

What’s important here? The opportunity for personal and professional growth, in a culture that’s team oriented, supportive, and frankly, fun—all with the recognition that everyone has a rich (and sometimes demanding) life outside of work. In fact, we consider the opportunity for work/life balance to be one of the most satisfying features of our workplace.

And one final thing: as the largest accountancy in California serving nonprofits exclusively, things are a little different here. Our clients help find cures for disease, serve vulnerable communities, and fight for the rights of the disenfranchised. So in addition to feeling good about working here, you can also feel good about helping others do good.

Students and Internships

Our internship program is open ended – reflecting the varied needs and goals of the students we bring on. There are opportunities to work with nonprofits in a broad range of industries, and to operate across many levels, from entry level work to acting as a full member of a client service team.

Internship length is also open, with many interns working part time throughout their academic careers – or better yet, staying on full time upon graduation. And in case you were wondering, yes our internships are paid, as we believe in compensating fairly even if one happens to be learning (and gaining college credit) in the process!


Our people expect the same benefits from a boutique accountancy as those found in a larger firm. We think that you’ll find that our benefits package is more than competitive, with full health benefits; generous paid leave policies; ongoing educational reimbursement; and a potentially lucrative performance bonus program.


We’re expanding! And we need your help to do it. Below are links to the positions currently open at J & A:

Accounting Intern