Case Study #1

Wrangling The Grants

Client: A large nonprofit providing services for the homeless

Challenge: The client relied almost entirely on grants for funding – all of which required detailed (and in some cases, ad hoc) reports, back-up documentation, and dedicated accounting. The reporting was burdensome, resource intense, and time consuming. Reimbursement was slow in coming, threatening cash flow and the continued smooth delivery of services.

Resolution: J & A established an on-site “Grant SWAT team” to identify and document all grants, and calendarize all future requirements in the upcoming year. Also documented were any special instructions, including reimbursement time frames and submission deadlines. J & A then estimated resources required throughout the year, so that staff hours could be expanded with ample warning on both the client and agency side.

Result: Surprises like late reimbursements, sudden deadlines, and unexpected documentation needs are things of the past. The organization and its staff know the ins and outs of every grant, and all is documented so new staff will as well.