Case Study #2

The Outsourced Finance Department

Client: A community organization providing health care for the disadvantaged

Challenge: The CFO was leaving after 15 years on the job – along with all his knowledge. The Executive Director was faced with a big decision: replace him – or consider outsourcing his role.

Resolution: Rather than continuing “business as usual”, the ED chose to outsource the Finance function to J & A. The engagement was kicked off with a review of all financial processes and procedures to determine whether things could be done smarter/better/cheaper. A thorough evaluation was conducted and myriad opportunities identified and implemented.

Result: J & A saved costs and sped up processes by automating numerous systems including billing and payroll processing. They also took on HR responsibilities for a minimal additional cost. The client is now getting a higher level of service at a 30% lower annual cost vs. the in-house model – and they enthusiastically recommend J & A to other nonprofits with whom they work.