Case Study #3

The Turnaround

Client: A nonprofit shifting its mission to serve a new population

Challenge: The client was shifting its charge from serving HIV positive adults to addressing the needs of a broader population made disabled and immobile by illness. They needed to target a new base of donors—but were also dealing with a bloated cost system more suited to flush times. Losses were mounting and the long term health of the nonprofit was threatened.

Resolution: J & A conducted a thorough review of all expenses, partnering with the VP of Operations. Cuts were identified which lowered costs to bring them in line with revenue – yet did not significantly interfere with the client’s mission. J & A even recommended several revenue generating programs so that topline growth could also be reinvigorated.

Result: The client has reached financial stability – losses have been replaced with breakeven financials, and the topline is even starting to grow, after years of decline.